Moon Ring

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The enchanting Moon Ring, is a captivating piece of jewellery that embraces the celestial beauty of the moon. Available in two exquisite options, a gold-plated adjustable 18K or a Silver 925 variant, this ring is a testament to both elegance and craftsmanship. Its delicate and intricate design mimics the graceful curvature of the moon, evoking a sense of wonder and mystique.

The adjustable feature ensures a perfect fit for any finger size, adding to its versatility and comfort. Whether you choose the golden glow of the 18K gold-plated option or the timeless elegance of the Silver 925, this ring is sure to elevate your style and become a cherished symbol of celestial inspiration. Embrace the celestial allure of the Moon Ring and let it illuminate your personal jewellery collection with its celestial charm.

Made in Greece.