Minotavros Pendant

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The Minotavros small Pendant, adorned with a lustrous gold-plated finish, exudes an air of mythical allure and artistic sophistication. Inspired by the ancient legend of the Minotaur, this pendant pays homage to a captivating tale of strength and mystique. The intricate detailing on the pendant intricately captures the essence of the legendary creature, combining elements of bull and man in a mesmerizing design.

The gold-plated surface adds a touch of opulence, illuminating the pendant with a radiant glow. As the Minotavros Pendant adorns your neckline, it becomes a captivating talisman, symbolizing power and courage, evoking the spirit of ancient mythology while embracing contemporary style. This finely crafted piece of jewellery resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of timeless legends and seek to embody their essence in a modern, elegant form.

Pendant height: 1.5cm

Made in Greece