"Mind travel" by KEX

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The art print "Mind Travel" invites viewers on a journey of tranquil introspection, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Greek seascape. A solitary relaxing chair perches at the water's edge, offering a front-row seat to the captivating scene. A floating book hovers above the sea, its pages seemingly animated by the gentle breeze. The expansive sea unfolds beauty, capturing the essence of relaxation and escape.

A distant boat completes the tableau, adding a touch of exploration to the composition. Through skillful use of light and color, the artist captures the harmonious convergence of elements – the chair, the floating book, the sea, and the boat – creating a visual symphony that encourages the viewer to embark on a mental odyssey. "Mind Travel" serves as a metaphorical portal to serenity, where the mind is free to wander and explore the boundless horizons of imagination against the idyllic backdrop of the Greek seas.

The artwork is printed using the Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310gsm quality.

Available in 3 dimensions.

Extra Info:

– Frame is not included.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Printed in Greece.