Dione Pendant

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The Dione Pendant, delicately enrobed in lustrous gold-plated enamel, pays homage to the captivating Ionian architectural rhythm that graces the renowned Propylaia, the majestic entrance gate preceding the Akropolis. A true testament to the harmonious blend of past and present, this pendant captures the essence of ancient design in a contemporary form.

The intricate detailing on the pendant reflects the mesmerizing patterns found in the Propylaia, invoking a sense of awe and reverence for the rich historical heritage. The enamel work adds a vibrant touch of colour, reminiscent of the vibrant life that once thrived within those ancient walls.

As the Dione Pendant gracefully adorns your neckline, it becomes a captivating talisman, symbolizing the enduring connection between architectural magnificence and the timeless allure of modern jewellery.

Pendant Height: 3.5 cm

Made in Greece