"Constellation of Scopio" by KEX

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"Constellation of Scorpio" by KEX is a mesmerizing art print that skillfully weaves together elements of the celestial and the terrestrial realms. The focal point of the composition is the intricate depiction of the Scorpio constellation, its celestial lines entwining gracefully against the cosmic backdrop.

In a harmonious juxtaposition, a charming house near the sea emerges beneath the cosmic canopy, accentuated by the subtle glow of moonlight. Adjacent to the dwelling, a shimmering swimming pool reflects the celestial spectacle above, creating a surreal dance of lights and shadows.

An airplane streaks across the sky, introducing a dynamic element to the scene, as if bridging the realms of earthly existence and cosmic wonder. "Constellation of Scorpio" captivates with its imaginative synthesis of the celestial and the mundane, inviting viewers to contemplate the cosmic poetry that unfolds in the quietude of a seaside night.

The artwork is printed using the Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310gsm quality.

Available in 3 dimensions.

Extra Info:

– Frame is not included.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Printed in Greece.