True Red Heart plexiglass

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The striking True Red Heart artwork, enclosed in a transparent plexiglass box, encapsulates the mesmerizing allure of Greece with its captivating crimson shades. Each meticulously crafted piece emanates the vibrant and passionate tones that are inseparable from the Greek landscape and culture. The deep scarlet hues conjure images of passion and love, reminiscent of fiery sunsets over ancient Greek cities.

This awe-inspiring artwork, showcased within the clarity of the plexiglass box, showcases the artist's profound affinity for the captivating red colour palette, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intensity and beauty of Greece. With every glance, one can sense the fervour in the air and hear the echoes of emotions, infusing any space with a touch of Mediterranean passion.

Dimensions: 25x25x10cm & 15x15x10 cm.

Handmade in Greece.