True Blue Heart plexiglass

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True Blue Heart artwork in plexiglass box encapsulate the serene and captivating essence of Greece through their enchanting blue hues. Each meticulously crafted piece radiates the vibrant and soothing shades that are synonymous with the Greek landscape and culture. The rich azure tones evoke images of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the cloudless skies above ancient Greek cities.

This breathtaking artwork, encased within transparent plexiglass boxes, showcase the artist's profound connection with the captivating blue colour palette, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquillity and beauty of Greece. With every gaze, one can feel the gentle sea breeze and hear the echoes of the Aegean, bringing a touch of the Mediterranean into any space.

Dimensions: 25x25x10cm & 15x15x10 cm.

Handmade in Greece.