Marathon Boy

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Discover the captivating "Marathon Boy" sculpture from the esteemed Eternity Today collection, an embodiment of grace, determination, and intellectual liberation. This masterful piece captures the essence of unwavering focus, much like the ancient Greek runner it portrays. With the profound quote "Only the educated are free" by Epictetus delicately engraved, the sculpture serves as a reminder that true freedom blossoms from knowledge and wisdom.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Marathon Boy stands as a timeless emblem of both physical and intellectual prowess, inspiring all to pursue education as a path to ultimate liberation. Embrace the enduring beauty and profound message of the Marathon Boy, an extraordinary creation that resonates with the timeless wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers.

Weight: 1100 gr, dimensions: 25x13c10cm, material: ceramine. 

Made in Greece.